Living Green Wall In Bathroom – Be Closer To Nature By Decorating A Wall Space

A green wall in the bathroom is a really good idea. If someone told you they have an emerald-colored wall in the bathroom, you could think about which color of green they chose to paint the accent wall. …But it is possible that you should be thinking about what plants are featured in their vertical garden.

This trend has mostly been seen in commercial structures where green walls are featured both inside and out. From the office building to Qantas First Lounge in Sydney International Airport, planted walls are popular.

An Indoor Living Wall Solution:

But, I’ve discovered the best solution to create a living wall for your bathroom, easily and cheaply!

The modern and sleek design is stunning particularly when you consider the cost and time to put it in place. This is my type of home improvement project that you can do yourself!

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Living Wall Within The Bathroom?

Living Green Wall In Bathroom - Be Closer To Nature By Decorating A Wall Space

In areas with a warm climate, it’s common to find an outdoor shower or an open bathroom! Anyone who wants to bring nature into their home can achieve this by including living walls in the interior design of their home. Vertical gardens aren’t something new. They are panels that have plants that grow vertically.

The structure can stand on its own or be attached to the walls. Hydroponics is widely utilized – an agricultural method for cultivating plants in artificial surroundings with no soil, using mineral solutions. What are the benefits of creating a living wall within the bathroom?

The bathroom walls usually are not used. But it is possible to place as many plants in a vertical manner as you can. This will give you floor space and more room, which is crucial in bathrooms with small spaces.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Living Wall Within The Bathroom?

Vertical gardens also have an additional benefit – they create oxygen while in the process, provide a focal point in interior design, appeal to the eye, and inject life into the surroundings. The bathroom with a living wall can be beneficial for our physical and mental well-being, and it’s natural and beautiful, as well as improving the quality of air. Furthermore, the natural humidity of the environment guarantees the freshness of summer and warmth in winter.

What other space can give you a sense of calm and well-being more than your bathroom? Living walls transform your bathroom into the ultimate Zen relaxing space that eases the pressures of daily life.

Another benefit of vertical gardens in bathrooms is the ability to put your own personal design. You can create a cozy space that expresses your personal style through the use of natural materials including lighting, accessories candles, etc.

Plants To Be Used In The Bathroom

Plants To Be Used In The Bathroom

Bathrooms are typically rooms that have the least amount of natural light. However, contrary to what is commonly believed the bathroom can be the perfect place to plant attractive plants as well as vertical plants. Because of the humid conditions of the room and the capability of indoor plants to cleanse the air, if suitable plant species are chosen it will create an atmosphere that is healthy and adheres to the principles of Feng Shui philosophy that are applied to the design of bathrooms.

To ensure that plants are maintained correctly inside the bath, we should select plants that can thrive almost entirely without sunlight, and in extremely humid conditions.

  1. Orchids are a symbol of beauty and fertility, and physical and mental health. They are a result of the jungle-like environment that is hot, humid and has low light.
  2. Sansevieria is a great plant to eliminate contaminants and is able to withstand the effects of low light and humidity in bathrooms very effectively. It also has properties for air purification and is among the top plants to keep in the bedroom, too.
  3. Espatifilo absorbs contaminants and purifies the air inside the bathroom. It can withstand temperatures of up to 18oC and lasts for a long time.
  4. Bamboo grows well under humid conditions and low light. It is thought to be energy positive.
  5. Philodendron It requires very little maintenance and thrives in moist environments.
  6. Potus In addition to restraining indoor lighting, it is also able to develop without soil as a crop grown in hydroponics.
  7. Ivy or ferns: they are able to grow vertically in an organic way, changing an aseptic environment into an actual living environment.

Also, a green mosaic tiled wall acts as a room divider for privacy and supports a contemporary white basin and polished metal washstand. Why put up just one plant when you could fill the bathroom with lush greenery?

What Makes This Trend So Widespread?

What Makes This Trend So Widespread?

The walls of living green are visually pleasing and are beneficial to our health. If they are used as fixtures in commercial buildings, they improve indoor air quality by purifying the air and reducing the risk of illness and absences among the workforce.

Recently, the trend has swept through the residential sector and can be seen in bathrooms as well as kitchens providing a fresh spin on “bringing the outdoors inside”.

What Are You Looking For To Build The Perfect Vertical Landscape Inside The Bathroom?

Vertical Landscape Inside The Bathroom

In general, you’ll require the following supplies to construct your wall of living:

  • Plastic mesh
  • Sheets of wood or acrylic
  • Drill, bracket, and scissors
  • Tape measures
  • Wall fixing hardware

Here are the best kinds of structures you can choose from when you are planning to build an inside vertical plant within your house:

  • Wall planters that live are the most effective solutions to growing vertical gardens usually connected to the wall. Plant it from the floor up to the top, either taking over the entire wall or framing an area to create a type of living artwork.
  • floating design for gardens that are vertical: a simple modular system that is easy to set up and expand on your personal preferences and needs. It’s basically a set of mesh pockets that are on top of an aerated material (specially designed specifically for this function) and then you put your preferred plants inside the pockets to make your indoor vertical garden.
  • The modular system is made of boxes that are placed into the structure of metal It is similar to the earlier type but uses different materials with wood finishes typically playing an important role.
  • Geotextile vertical gardening system This living wall planter is made up of a variety of layers, which include aluminum, a layer of interspersed moisture-absorbent mesh as well as mesh, filters, and pockets, which creates an automated system to water the plants. Innovative design and aesthetics merged.

Bathroom Living Wall Decorating Ideas

Bathroom Living Wall Decorating Ideas

It is possible to create an intimate vertical garden as a backdrop to the mirror in your bathroom or cover the wall with a focal point or the entire wall with lush green.

The shape and size of your green wall are entirely up to the size and shape you choose.

The artificial plant panels are compact (20 inches x 20 inches), therefore they are simple to set up as well as cut into size. Furthermore, they can be cut to size. Boxwood as well as fern panels kit is just 16 square feet weighs 9 lbs.

How to Save Money…

How to Save Money

The cheapest option is artificial boxwood hedge panels. They do not have ferns but are instead boxwood plants with a few tiny white flowers.

They give a great deal of color, however, they don’t offer as much variety in texture. When you’ve got a big wall to cover the wall, this option can help you save dollars.

TIP: While not required I would suggest painting the walls (behind plants) (behind plants) in green to give an extra dimension to the overall appearance that you are “planting”.Naturally, you are able to temporarily set up your panels on the wall until you decide.

The leaves themselves offer lots of covers, as you observe. They extend beyond the edges of the panels.

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Green Wall In Bathroom FAQs

What Colour goes with green in a bathroom?

“If you’re living in a summer house or an area you take a are spending your vacation, it’s likely to be a bit jolly to it, making it an ideal place to do something fun within the bath.” Lime green works well with yellows and grape-colored purples as well as the traditional black and white to create a striking contrast.

Do green walls provide insulation?

The thermal insulation during winter and the reduction of heating expenses are only likely to be seen in buildings that are heavily lined by ivy. This will result in a most likely savings of 5-10 percent.

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