Is It OK To Throw Up In Toilet?

What do you need to know about a throw up in toilet? We all know only the three P’s should go down the toilet – pee and poo, as well as toilet paper (toilet paper) however, what happens to the vomit?

The question was posed directly to me by Janet who is from The Front Page Web Writer. It was an idea that was considered in a discussion with the family. It’s likely that it wasn’t at the table! I decided to share my thoughts with you.

Although it might seem like common sense if you’ve ever wondered why we do certain actions we take there’s a reason behind it.

In the toilet, a bowel slurp can appear disgusting due to the way is flushed away by the toilet and the fact that one’s face is close to the bowl.

Then why should one “kneel at the altar of the porcelain as opposed to throwing up into a bathtub or basin? It is okay to have a bowel movement while showering or at your kitchen sink?

Is It OK To Throw Up In Toilet?

It is possible to vomit into the sewer’s fixtures.

These fixtures include the shower basin, bath, and sink.

But you should ensure that the traps are cleaned afterward. A fair amount of disinfectant and water is required to flush through the waste in order in order to make sure that the vomit isn’t entangled in the trap.

Vomit smell can inhale the air as it is sat inside the trap.

The Toilet Is The Most Effective Place For Vomiting In

  • The toilet bowl will be easier to clean after the dumped waste has been eliminated.
  • The reflex of vomiting can cause the body to bend so that the toilet is better placed to get you sick, as it were.
  • It is possible to reduce airborne particles by flushing the waste out using the lid This is crucial in the case of gastro.
  • Solid body waste is able to travel more easily through a pipe with a 100mm opening, which connects to a toilet, rather than a basin drain or bath which measures only 40mm wide.
  • The basin, sink bath, and shower are utilized to wash up or for cleaning. Although the water that is discarded is destined for the sewer, anything that contains bacteria that could cause illness should be removed from an area that isn’t coming in contact with your skin and hands.
  • You should avoid having vomit that is sitting on your floor in the bathroom since the bath, shower, and basin are connected to this. If you don’t flush enough water the vomit it could be left in the floor waste trap, creating the bathroom smell, and allowing others in the family to take in the smell.

The Art Of Throwing Up In A Toilet

It’s finally home and is now in the bathroom. Congratulations! What can you do to dispose of it properly? Let’s go through the steps necessary to create a mouth fountain that is successful.

Positioning and Aim

In the beginning, you’ll need to ensure that you are in the right place. Many people don’t want to stand while making a mess. Toilets are the perfect place to kneel in a position of prayer (perfect to confess and atone for the night’s wrongs).

Then, walk towards the toilet and sit on the floor in front of it, as if you’re praying to God. Make sure the seat is in place and place your palms on the bottom of the tank (not the toilet’s rim) before you.

It is best to avoid placing your arms and hands on the bathroom bowl at any cost This is just disgusting. Lean forward and place your face right next to the toilet bowl.

Vomit can flow at unusual angles – do not be shocked if you discover vomiting on the floor or on your back the following morning.

A gentle bathroom flush after vomiting can assist in wetting both sides of the toilet bowl. It will also stop the pieces of food from adhering to the bowl.


Hair issue

Hair, particularly the hair of women (or the male hipster) is a major issue when you’re praying for the porcelain God. It’s an issue to spill your blood on the toilet however, it’s a larger issue if the hair gets soaked by the water of the toilet.

The easiest fix can be to tie the hair in a ponytail, right? However, those who must vomit aren’t always prepared.

This is one of the instances where friends are able to bond. If it’s a sister from a sorority seeking out her best friend or a hipster friend helping out his fixie-wearing, murse-wearing bro, friendships are strengthened in these situations.

Retain your friend’s hair when they aren’t able to manage it by themselves. Make sure you pull up and down on hair in order to aid with a goal (make horses sound similar to “whoa boy” to add some humor to the scene).

Muscles Engaged

If you’re healthy then you’ll probably vomit plenty of space. However, this isn’t the ideal time to compete.

The strength comes from the lower back, abs, and diaphragm. They cause massive involuntary contractions. The greater the power you possess, the greater distance you’ll be able to travel.

The diameter of the spray will grow, so be sure that your face is inside the bowl. Make sure you are deep!

Clean Up

Clean-up isn’t fun However, it’s fairly easy if:

  • Place your face into the bowl
  • Preflush the bowl and then wet it.
  • Open toilet seat
  • Hair should be tucked in place

Sometimes, there are streaks of splatter marks that appear on the exterior from the bathroom bowl, or around the seats. They can be removed using toilet paper. If you can, avoid using sponges or washcloths, because you’ll not need them in the future.

If you don’t have gloves, you can try the mummy TP method that we’ve discussed in a different article to scrub your pot’s surface.

Bleach Ajax as well as other cleaners products work, however, we recommend using natural cleaners such as baking soda and vinegar. Sprinkle baking soda on the bathroom floor is beneficial as it helps to eliminate unpleasant smells from the bathroom. You can add it to your bowl for cleaning and flushing without causing harm to the environment.

Can You Catch A Disease From Throwing Up In The Toilet

It is possible to contract an illness while urinating in the toilet. This is particularly true when you’re in a public place like a public park, where bathrooms are not properly maintained and are frequented by tourists.

Hepatitis could be the main suspect, however, there are a variety of STDs depending on the person going to the bathroom and how their personal parts were touched. Be aware that your doctor may not be able to believe what you say if you tell them you caught something on the toilet.

If you’re at home, or house, you’re not likely to contract an illness. But, you can get sick with bacteria when you don’t wash or cleanse yourself thoroughly after you’ve used the toilet.

If you live with roommates, you could be susceptible to their ailments (if they suffer from them) or are relatives.

Throwing Up In A Public Bathroom

Tossing into a public bathroom is not a fun idea! It’s not a great option, but more than anything. The public bathrooms are typically dirty and, as we previously mentioned, aren’t kept clean regularly.

Utilize the squat method and wrap your hands around the mummy in public bathrooms. The floors are often slippery with urine, so be cautious when you are putting your hand on the toilet or floor.

We advise you to avoid these:

  • The toilet seat is licked to test the taste
  • Smacking your fingers after splashing the bowl with water
  • Use the bowl of water to cleanse your face and wash your mouth after you’ve vomited
  • Then, I was not bathing for a few days following the vomiting
  • Doing your nails a bit after touching the floor and toilet in the bathroom
  • You can poke yourself with the needle that you have found on the bathroom floor to test how it feels

Tips to Manage Sick Children

Tips to Manage Sick Children

Sometimes it’s difficult for children to go to use the toilet when they’re feeling sick. Also, if you’re pregnant the possibility of projectile vomiting can occur in a sudden manner because of morning sickness. The closest fixture is the best to have a sick person in, rather than the carpet or on the sofa.

If you have a puddle of vomit on your carpet, couch, or bed, clean it up as well as you can using a paper towel, and then sprinkle the area with bi-carbon soda. Clean up your home professionally once everyone is feeling better.

I will always have old ice cream containers to give my kids to use during sickness and they will always be disposed of following the illness. The contents are always dumped down the toilet and then flushed away by putting the lid of the toilet down.

In the ideal scenario, getting sick in the bathroom requires less cleanup and less contact with family members.

There is the answer to this question as well as some arguments to support which toilets are the most suitable place to dump your poop.


All we saw were films where sick young women vomited in the toilet. Scenes, where a woman gets sick and vomits over a bowl kneeling down with her arms resting on the seat, close-up view of her body. This also applies to drunk young man vomiting, pregnant woman, etc. The act of throwing into the toilet is an integral part of American daily life. Although it might appear to be a better idea to flush your bowels into the bathtub, sink, or in a bucket, however, the toilet is easily cleaned and flushed.

It’s not always the comfort of going to the bathroom within your home. In some cases, you’ll need to opt for a bathroom in the park or in a restaurant. In these scenarios, you’ll want to take extra care to avoid interaction with other patrons. You should also be aware of the dangers of disease and germs.

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If you’re in your home, you’ll be able to use a different method of vomiting on the toilet. Hair, positioning, kneeling position, and the assistance of an accomplice will play a role in maximizing your production and ensuring the elimination of all the stench from your mouth.

We hope that this infographic about vomiting in the toilet has highlighted the development and history of this practice. It’s not an enjoyable thing to do but, hey you’ve done it before. It doesn’t matter if it’s bad tacos or drinking too many shots, or an awful virus, we’ll all be faced with the dreadful experience of throwing up in the bathroom. Be prepared!

In this article, we used toilet stock photos.

Throw Up In Toilet FAQs

Is it OK to throw up in the toilet?

Although the water can end up in the drain, anything that has bacteria that could cause illness should be removed from a bathroom fixture that isn’t in touch with your face and hands. The best way to prevent vomiting is to avoid it on the floor in the bathroom, as the bath, shower, and basin can be connected to this.

Can vomit block drain?

Sometimes even with all the effort, it’s impossible to clean up the vomit fast enough to prevent the majority part of it from standing in the way. If this happens, dial for help from the experts.

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