Gerber Round Comfort Height Toilet The Best Review 2022

Today let’s check a Gerber round comfort height toilet. Set the timer and forget about it with the solid Viper 1.28 GPF (4.8 Lpf) Toilet. The slim, tall Viper tank is optimized for flush speed and swiftly refills with the most reliable, best-in-class, Fluidmaster 400A Fill Valve.

Gerber Viper Complete Toilet-In-A-Box With Round Front Bowl, 1.28 Gpf, White
  • Complete toilet-in-a-box; includes VP-21-552 bowl and WS-28-590 tank
  • Includes all parts for installation: soft-closed toilet seat, wax ring, floor bolts, tank to bowl gasket, and hardware
  • Standard Height Round Front Bowl
  • Color-matched, metal tank lever with solid durable brass arm to complement any bathroom decor
  • Large, 2 in fully glazed trapway for clog-free waste removal
  • It is known for its lower consumption of water
  • Meets ADA requirements of the ADA
  • The rate of flush is 1.28 Gallons per flush
  • Glazed trap that allows for simple flushing
  • Seats are not included

The powerful front rim jets ensure a hygienic and clean bowl every time you flush. A unique multi-point mounting system and non-corrosive brass tank-to-bowl bolts guarantee long-lasting stability and easy installation, making Viper the preferred choice for professionals.

Gerber Round Comfort Height Evalanche Toilet Overview

Gerber Round Comfort Height Toilet

Let’s check another toilet. Gerber is a pioneer in plumbing solutions for over 85 years and has launched its Avalanche Elite family of toilets among the most innovative toilets that are available today.

Its Avalanche Elite line proves that toilets aren’t created identically and can be beautiful pieces in any bathroom design. It has a contemporary style with a “simple” trapway that is semi-concealed (CT). It provides a more modern and refined appearance than the majority of two-piece toilets and is smaller and less large than full-skirted alternatives.

gerber round comfort height toilet

Gerber Round Comfort Height Toilet Features


15-15.5” Height Round Front Bowl

Metal side in a bowl color-matched tank lever, with a solid durable brass arm to match any bathroom decor

Large 2” sealed trapway to ensure no clogs during garbage removal

Extra-Large Dual fed siphon jets boost the force of flush, allowing the bowl to be cleared efficiently

3″‘ flush valve to ensure the maximum water flow and the ability to flush.

The large surface of the water to thoroughly the rinse bowl after every flush

Large, 2 1/8″ fully glazed trapway for clog-free waste removal

1.6 grams per GPF

The corrosion-resistant Fluidmaster(r) flapper will provide long-lasting operation and simple replacement

Two-piece toilet

12” Rough-in

10-year warranty, limited Lifetime Warranty on Vitreous China

Double-nut, multi-point tank to bowl mounting system to allow for simple, easy tool-free installation

Top-of-the-line Fluidmaster(r) 400A Fill Valve to ensure durable, long-lasting anti-siphon performance and quick replacement

Operation and easy replacement toilet seat, but it is not included

Managers Reviews

“The trapway is constructed apart from the body, by experienced craftsmen who pay attention to the size, shape angles, and the texture of this essential component,” says Lovin Saini Gerber senior manager of product development.

Managers Reviews

“The simple trapway that is concealed makes the toilet simpler to set up and faster than other skirted toilets, much like a traditional two-piece toilet. To install, there’s no bolt alignment or hardware required

Managers Reviews 2

There’s no interfering with the angle stop/water supply, and the seat can be installed either before or after it has been installed. The unique design makes costs low and makes cleaning it simple and adds design and style, and instantly modernizes bathrooms within the most budget-friendly limits.”

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According to Saini Saini, the Avalanche Elite has one of the most effective flushing systems in the market. The slim narrow intake and the design of the rim help move water through the system at a greater speed, which is able to remove staining and toilet paper. This flushing system also features 50 percent more line carrying capacity than the standard model which means there are no hidden clogs in the toilet or within the pipes.

Another benefit for homeowners and professionals is the toilet’s big footprint. The Avalanche Elite’s larger rectangular footprint covers virtually all dirty flooring or damage caused by the prior toilet. It’s the ideal choice to be used for a renovation, remodel or replacement.

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