How to get rid of toilet ring: Best Bathroom Cleaning Tips

It is not you. It’s not you. It’s not because of your cleaning habits or family routines. You are literally fighting the elements. If you want to know how to eliminate a toilet ring, then you need to prepare your weapons and be ready to use them. How to Get Rid of Toilet Ring Nothing is more frustrating than … Read more

How to clean toilet siphon jet

Have you noticed that water takes too long to flow from the toilet tank to the bowl resulting in a slow flushing toilet? It can be very frustrating. It is possible to even consider replacing your toilet. You will need to clean the toilet siphons and the rim jets. To make a toilet flush effectively, it is necessary to … Read more

Elongated vs round toilet

The most difficult thing homeowners have to do when choosing a flushing toilet is to choose between an elongated and round one. You need to be familiar with the details of each type before you can choose. Comfort (Comfort Height or standard), size, water savings (1.28 or 1.28 GPF), ease-of-cleaning, ease of installation, single or … Read more

Heated toilet seat

It’s okay to upgrade your toilet seat to a heated model. Warm models offer more than just the comfort of a heated seat in winter. These models could relax your muscles and increase blood flow to aid you in your job. We also spend quite a lot of time in the toilet each week, about 3 hours. These … Read more

Slow Flushing Toilet

Slow flushing toilet

The other day, I noticed something odd about our guest bathroom toilet. It was slow. It’s really slow. The swirling water that helps to flush the toilets is also weak. Let’s discuss what could be happening and how we can fix it. First, let’s review the basics. In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything … Read more

Best toilet seat

You don’t have to be a modernist to admit this: the toilet is one of the most elementary components of our living space. It’s a piece of private enclosure that you visit several times a day. Hygiene, comfort, and a welcoming atmosphere are the factors that a toilet should offer. Whether this is the case … Read more